Born in 2022. CLASKINFUEL+ formulated with An active ingredient is designed to address specific concerns related to the skin, like sun damage, acne, dryness,ageing and so on. Not only An active ingredients but also natural beauty essentials to enlightened skin fuel, more powerful, gentle, suitable for your skin and research based of dermatological science.

When another formulas force your skin to work over-time to generate collagen and elastin – ultimately producing damaging waste toxins and free radicals.  CLASKINFUEL+ will replenish & refine exposed and damaged skin. Our ultimate goal is for everyone to regain confidence with their bare skin. With high-quality transformative experiences to everyone suitably qualified whatever their stage of life.We want everyone to look and feel their best.

CLASKINFUEL+ are certified National Agency for Drug and Food Control Republic of Indonesia (BPOM). Our products manufactured by international standard on production (ISO) and (GMP) certificate which is guaranteed quality,safety,and cleanliness so we can get high quality products from our company.